Marine insurance is our specialty — that’s all we do.

Taking a new boat out on the water is a thrill, but you also want to protect it.

Let Western’s marine insurance team provide you the right protection at the right value. We’re excited to get you on the water safely so that you can start creating memories with family and friends. We’ve spent 12 years listening to and caring for our customers. We’re committed to client education and teaching the nuances of each policy to keep you safe.

In marine insurance, every policy is different. We’re licensed to sell in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, as well as the Yukon and Northwest Territories.


Western Financial Group Marine Insurance Coverage

From ocean vessels to lake and river boats, our experts in Victoria, British Columbia can help you get the coverage you need.

  • Our marine policies for local and offshore vessels are purchased for a full year. Your policy works for you when your boat is in the water and in storage too. That’s our commitment.
  • Emergency towing back to safe harbour is also typically covered. If your vessel breaks down following a covered loss, you can apply for loss of use and rent another watercraft, up to a policy limit.
  • Older boats, usually 15 years or older, typically require surveys every 5 years — or every 3 for wooden boats — to let us know whether is safe for the water, its condition and its value.
  • Our experts explain all the details of coverages, as well as insurance terminology.
  • Your policy also covers personal items onboard that you wouldn’t sell with your boat, such as clothing, dishes, and gear for inclimate weather among others.
  • We've got your pet covered too. Through pet companion coverage, if something were to happen to your pet onboard your boat, you may be able to claim that expense under your marine insurance policy

Through our strong partnerships with our insurers, we’ve insured boats all over the world. Specialty offshore policies are available for adventurers preparing for long sailing voyages.

These products require a separate application process and advanced vetting. We’ll need to know your qualifications, experience and that your boat is equipped for offshore use.

We need details showing us you have the proper number of crew, rigging, and all the necessary safety equipment. For this product, we’ll require sailing resumes.

Named windstorm coverages are also available through Western if you’re sailing on open seas in tropical zones. Clients’ detailed hurricane plans are submitted for approval.