Does My Boat Insurance Cover Nasty Weather?

April 25, 2024 | by admin

Storms, lightning, hail, and heavy winds can shake up your boat and the result can be minor or major damage. Boat insurance helps protect your boat from damage caused by nasty weather.

Boat insurance isn’t mandatory for boat owners in Canada, but it’s recommended to protect you from events beyond your control, like the weather.

Does boat insurance cover lightning strikes?

A lightning strike can cause major damage, including hull damage and electrical damage, which can be pricey to repair and eat into your time on the water.

Your marine insurance policy typically covers damage to your boat caused by lightning. Like any responsible boat owner, you need to read the details of your coverage to understand how your boat is covered should it be struck by lightning.

The odds of your boat getting struck by lightning aren’t high, but there’s no point in taking such a risk.

How to stay safe on your boat when there’s lightning

  • Get back to land as soon as possible.
  • Check the weather before going boating to avoid being caught in a lightning storm.
  • If you’re on the water and the weather turns, be prudent and head back to shore.
  • If your boat has a cabin, go inside for protection.
  • Lower any antennas or fishing rods.

Does boat insurance cover damage from high winds?

Windstorm damage is also usually covered under your boat insurance policy. Again, read your marine insurance policy.

Does boat insurance cover hail damage?

Yes, your boat insurance typically covers hail damage.

Check your boat after a storm

Any time there’s a major storm strong enough to potentially cause damage to your boat, you need to inspect your boat right away.

Usually, wind or hail will be the cause of damage, but even flying debris can cause damage to your boat. Whether your boat is kept at home or at a marina, you’ll need to know as soon as possible whether it has been damaged.

How to make a boat insurance claim

Report your insured boat damage to your insurance provider.

You will be asked to confirm your marine policy details and provide up-to-date contact information.

You'll be asked to provide a detailed description, in your own words, about what kind of damage the weather caused to your boat.

You will likely be contacted by an adjuster, who might also assign an additional expert to assist, such as an appraiser or contractor, depending on the type of claim.

How boat insurance protects your boat

Boat insurance covers such things as damage from vermin, wreckage removal, agreed value coverage, and liability coverage.

You can learn more about what marine insurance includes:

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