How to Store Your Boat Over Winter

September 26, 2022 | by admin

Proper boat storage over winter is important for preventing damage to your boat. Options include in-water boat storage, dry boat storage, and indoor boat storage.

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Boat storage options

There are three options for storing your boat over winter, each with advantages and disadvantages.

In-water boat storage

Leaving your boat in the water over winter might seen like the easiest option but is not recommended for all. Winter conditions mean higher chance of sinking, damage, or theft.

Storing your boat on the water is only realistic in areas with mild winters. Or you may be able to get away with winterizing your boat and having an agitator to stop the water from freezing around it.

Dry outdoor boat storage

Dry outdoor storage for your boat is a safer option for storing your boat over winter and is realtively inexpensive. boatyards, marinas, and commercial storage facilitites all offer dry boat storage. In boating areas there are lots dedicated to storing boats over winter and boat trailers in the summer.

Outdoor boat storage is more availble and lessexpensive than indoor boat storage, but security can be an issue. Make sure your outdoor boat storage facility has a security system with cameras and is fenced and locked. Your boat will need to be winterized.

Indoor boat storage

Indoor boat storeage is more expensive than outdoor boat storage but offers the best protection for your boat. Protection from the elements can significantly extend your boat's lifespan. It can be difficult to find indoor boat storage and your boat may be stored on racks withother boats in a dry stack facility. This means you may need to plan ahead to have your boat available to use. Indoor boat storage is the most expensive and least availble option for storing your boat over winter.

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The importance of winterizing your boat

Your boat needs to be winterized if it will be stored outdoors over winter. Winterizing your boat prevents damage from freezing water, which can be expensive to repair and can happen from the temperature dropping below freezing just once. Winterizing should be done by a professional so that if your boat is damaged, your boat insurance will cover it. Winterizing a boat includes draining all water from it and adding anti-freeze to the bilge and water tanks. The engine is flushed, and fuel stabilizer is added to the gas tank. The boat is shrink-wrapped to protect it from the weather.

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